What is Select Soccer?

"Club" or "Select" Soccer is a level of soccer for participants who are looking to graduate from recreational soccer.  

Club Players are selected by teams thru a Try-Out system, and are carded with a team for fall and spring seasons.  These teams will travel to other sites to compete against other clubs at Tournaments, and in state leagues. 

For players who are familliar with recreatioal soccer, here are some of the differances:


Recreational Soccer often does not have a defined trainig plan.  Club Soccer coaches have a pre-planned session that is appropriate for the age and talent of the players.  These sessions are reviewed and discussed with the Club's Director of Coaching to insure they meet the needs of the players.  Recreataional Teams typically only train one day a week, where Club teams train  2 - 3 days a week depending on their game scheules.


Recreational Coaches are volunteers who organize the team but may or may not have soccer experiance.  Club Coaches are required to be licensed, trained, and are continuously studying to improve thier skills.     


Recreational Soccer is less expensive becasue they have a very low overhead cost.  Club Soccer by nature is more expensive becasue they partipate in Tournaments, and  Leagues.  (See our article on how the Warrior Soccer Club  is able to reduce your costs as a Select player)

Game Schedules:

Recreational Soccer typically plays 8 games at a single location against other players who participate in that program.  Club Teams participate in two seasons (Fall and Spring) of 8 games.  They also participate in tournaments which consist of 3-4 games duing a weekend.  In some instances, teams participate in a tournametn that is out of state and an overnight stay is required.